Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Brain Is For Eating -Kickstarter campaign

I'm working with some awesomely twisted folks to created a children's book... written for young zombies. The content is right up my alley, even if it may be a bit dark for some (my fiance is fully creeped out, despite enjoying the artwork).  The illustrations are from the viewpoint of a zombie illustrator, so the humans and environments are very much secondary to the all important undead protagonists. People, obviously, are just packaging for food.

If you or someone you know enjoy young kids learning where to find and eat delicious brains, maybe pitch in and see if we can get this thing going. I'm completely biased since this is a hell of a lot of fun for me. Learn more here: A Brain is For Eating.

A brain is for eating
yes, that's what I said
They come in all sizes
and hide in the "head."

The package is different
some big and some small.
Some packing has two brains
and some none at all.
There are packages in boxes
that move on fast wheels.
But find one not moving
and you'll have many meals

If the package is old and lying in bed
you may not have long to make it undead...

Some exploration when figuring out a look for the story. Not a big jump from what I usually put in my sketchbooks.



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Artsmaill said...

This is Great!!!:)

Keep up the good work!