Friday, September 21, 2012

The Weely Standard- RNC edition

I got the opportunity to do a Weekly Standard cover! I'd heard their deadlines were kinda bonkers and this was indeed brief, but considering I got to draw elephants on a beach, it felt relatively painless.  The AD, Philip Chalk, wanted to mimic a vintage tourism postcard retrofitted for the recent RNC in Tampa, complete with hurricane warnings.
Big thanks to Philip for the fun gig, and equally big thanks to Chris Whetzel for helping a brother out and sketching the the convention crowd for me when I was running low on time.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Jersey Devil

 My good friends, theater trio The Berserker Residents, asked me to produce a set piece for their camp-horror-sideshow "The Jersey Devil."  They needed an arch to frame their stage that kept the tone of the show. That tone being funny, yet dark and oddly entertaining.

The first handful of ideas ran the gamut of very literal scenes from the show to tragic takes on classic fairy tales, to scenes depicting the terrorized denizens of the Garden State.  The final illustrations of doomed circus performers seemed to capture the tone best.

Thanks for reading!