Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New, improved, fancy and shiny:

Go check out the brand spankin new!  My site, because of hectic schedule of work and a hatred of HTML, was about a year and a half out of date.  It is now up to date and reformatted to a new clean design.

The most difficult part, aside from deciphering the "easy" methods of wordpress, was trying to figure out what tiny icon represented me perfectly and deserved to sit in the coveted sidebar. I am not lying when I say that one little detail occupied the lion's share of thoughts for the last couple weeks.

The first idea I had was the emblem seen above. While that was a blast to paint it was obviously too detailed and attention grabbing to sit quietly and let people navigate my galleries. Here are some of the other failed attempts of me trying to define me...
Everything from abstract to chimp. And, obviously more chimps.
I think I settled on a more elegant solution for the time being, and what's nice about the new site is that it's easy to change if I wanna go in another direction (likely a chimp, apparently).

Speaking of chimps, I also have a tumblr blog now. This will be my repository for doodles and quick images that wouldn't normally have a home otherwise. As you may have guessed, there are a LOT of chimp drawings there. Take a peek:

Thanks for reading!

PS. Big thanks to my generous friends Marc Scheff and Andre Laboy for giving me many free hours of tech support. Reimbursement in the form of backrubs is on its way.