Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Berkshire Artist Playtime

For the 5th year now, I've been joining a cadre of intimidatingly talented artists at the Racebrook Lodge in the Berkshires. A week of cool folks and sick artwork. In between hikes and excursions to pick up organic pizza (do try the fig and prosciutto), we turn a barn into a working studio.
While I'd love to post pics of all the work created this week, I'm pretty sure most of it was under some super-secret nondisclosure agreement. I can, however, show some obligatory "artists just kickin't it" shots...
Jordu Schell being badass. (This is actually from last year. His creation this year was an undead asian man with bad teeth)

Top: A rare shot of me actually working. Middle: Talking shop with Justin Gerard (although it looks more like he's telling me to settle down) Bottom: Dan Dos Santos and I watching Michael Whelan work his voodoo.

Tony Palumbo, Winona Nelson, Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo working in their cluster of awesome.

And, of course, Lars Grant-West's one-eyed/watery brained Frenchie, Mumpkin. And, Boris & Julie's much more dignified Izzy.

I got a good handful of work accomplished this year, thanks to an abundance of rain keeping us from wandering into the woods. I even got to bust out some oils and remind myself how much more comfortable I am with watercolors.

Now people won't just have to assume I'm a nerd when I draw in public. They'll know.

I now have a solid number of old lady samples. I'm ready for that retirement home gravytrain to come rolling in.

Thanks for reading!