Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sketch dump with fancy costume and tricky paper.

Been moving towns, and finishing projects and a myriad of other time-sucking things that keep me from my sketchbook. On the plus side I've been refocusing on more observational work and figure drawing. (See the racy nudey stuff on DAS )
I also had the opportunity to draw some dope burlesque models at an event my buddy, Frank Stockton (people have heard him for some reason), knew about.
He even did a lil ditty in my book. I think he dug my brushpen.

And here are some more straightforward sketchbook pages of my girlfriend's pitbull, and my family. Both enjoy spending time on the floor.

I spent some time playing with Yupo paper again. Still one of the strangest surfaces to paint on. I used the ugliest model I could find at 4am to do some lighting studies in watercolor.

Lastly, I had the chance to speak to a kindergarten class about drawing animals. After the talk, I did some requests out of my head of the more popular animals. You may notice the chimp looks a bit exasperated... possibly similar to how I looked when the whole class requested I draw a tiger out of my head.
...Then I requested some of my own.
Thanks for reading,