Thursday, April 29, 2010

Then I chose to expose myself

So I hit the century mark on my Photobooth library and figured I should pay a lil tribute to the beautiful convenience of Mac's built-in webcam application. I recently learned I'm not entirely alone in exploiting this for reference sake, as my buddy, Marc Scheff, recently covered the same topic. And while I don't go to the extremes of posing and lighting as he does, Paolo Rivera dedicates his wednesday blogposts to showing how limber he is in his reference.

So, in the interest of solidarity, here is how I spend a good chunk of my average day... posing spastically, alone in a dark room.

I've learned a couple things about myself in the process.
-I rarely adjust the light for any of these pictures to relate to what I'm painting. This usually is more from deadline constraints than laziness, but I should probably give a little more thought to it.
-when I'm trying to get a single hand just right... I pose my entire torso and face.
-if its over 65 degrees, I tend to forego a shirt.
-my hair is ridiculous


katie said...

this is pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen on an illustrator blog. Sort of more in the "furby" sense of adorable than, say, the "David Tennant" sense, but nevertheless.

rina said...

hah, fantastic :) seems to work pretty well as reference too.

Brian Trible, Realtor® said...

I guess I misunderstood what you meant by "exposed himself." Since I'm here anyway - nice pics, I like the one of you hunched over with the belly.

Unknown said...

A+, pro!

Paolo Rivera said...

Scott, you've just inspired next Wednesday's post—there are some pics I had forgotten about. As always, thanks for exposing yourself.

Unknown said...

haha - cool to see these. That's some quality posing :)

jess said...

you are clearly having way too much fun with this