Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I keep it real. Grayscale, bro.

I just finished up a big fun project for very cool website that I can't talk too much about just yet. The site is directed toward a younger audience and set in a semi-fantastic world, the subject matter was right up my alley.
Even more fun was the idea of wanting most of the artwork to look aged, as if originally created on parchment. For me, this meant I had the opportunity to go nuts with my oldest and most trusted of mark making utensils... the exotic and mythical pencil.  I can honestly say I had a blast working just in black and white, worrying simply about value, shape and line. I'm not too proud to say that color has slapped me around more than once, and it was, indeed, a pleasant hiatus. 

Another cool thing about this project... they wanted a rollover. Nice to know they paid attention to my work enough be aware of the rollovers, let alone commission one.

The subject matter is pretty obvious. I used a fair amount of pug and shar pei inspiration for the main monster.

And the rollover offers an escape from the fleshy duo of horned beasts. 

This door went through a couple iterations. Not big changes involving the actual setting or anything real complex. No... instead we had a long discussion about what silly creature should be hanging around this castle's entrance 

I also had the opportunity to do a bit of character design. Firstly, a janitor. All I knew that the janitor didn't have to human. So I explored my options a bit. And, during that exploration, I unintentionally created an amazing stand alone photograph 

Ultimately it was decided that the janitor should be a portly old codger. 

I previously posted the secretary character I designed for this site, but again, I had to search for her. She also had no real description aside from a request that she be similar to "Roz" of Monster's Inc. 

And lastly, a narrator character. Again, the description was "not necessarily human." I didn't offer the option this time. Rather, a gnome was the closest I came, with a host of scaled and furred options. 

I think their choice was obvious. The little bugger looks so damn eager to read you a story. My girlfriend actually pointed out what it was that conveyed that emotion... while his arms are relaxed, his feet are clenched in excited anticipation. 


Mo Fresh said...

Scott Brundage said...

Mo, you've enlightened me.

Chris Whetzel said...

These are great, Scott! I really like them as black and whites; they are polished when needed but still retain a hand drawn feel. Very cool!

And if you wanted, I would imagine they would be simple to color digitally!

Scott Altmann said...

whoa- tons of awesomeness here Scott
love it all. I feel like you are improving every time I see something new....and I feel bad about myself! :)

Scott Brundage said...

Thanks guys!

Chris- I just may. I'm diggin' them in b&w, but I might come back.

Scott- You flatter me. It's more likely that I just take too long between blogposts.

gumkid said...

these are beautiful drawings, I especially like that photo of you though,

all joke aside, beautiful drawings