Monday, April 5, 2010

New holidays, new art, new address, ole Scotty.

So March was a very full month. Somehow between packing, moving from Queens to CT and unpacking, I completed a handful of paintings and still had enough energy to celebrate my birthday in style.*

First up was Ada Lovelace Day which praises women in technology. Ada was the first computer programmer back when a calculator would have been considered magic. The holiday is typically celebrated by blogging. My contribution was my first three-part rollover showing the past, present and future of women in technology. Click here to see it in motion.

Following that, I packed up and moved to beautiful Danbury, CT for my temporary summer digs and immediately got crackin on an Easter rollover. Irene Gallo at had some specific requests which I was happy to comply with... "Bunny + easter egg : fade : Astronaut + 'Alien' egg and face-hugger." I think I can find the will to do that.

And in between all of these, I continued with what has become a nice break between rollovers. These images for the quilting lady are already fun, but after trying to make multiple image work with each other, its nice to have a single image answer only to itself.


*Authors note: "celebrating a birthday in style" entails imbibing girlie drinks including, but not limited to, Smirnoff Ice and dessert wine, and staging a spectacularly unskilled game of Bocce on a sunny day.


Erin D. said...

Haha. The Ada Lovelace illustrations were great. There was really only one thing that worried me: Why was it necessary for Lovelace and her pug to wear helmets in her apartment? And was the pug's helmet even hooked up to anything?

Unknown said...

There could be several answers to this question, none of which I considered when painting the image. I really just wanted to put a pug in a space helmet.


1: in the future, the atmosphere is no longer breevable through normal human lungs, so we need helmets. They aren't hooked up to anything cuz the air filters in the future are smaller than ipod nano's.

2: Ada's apartment is in space.

3: Ada is just dressed up for fun (just got back from comic con/Tron opening/a cosplay party) and the dog just had veterinary surgery... wherein Ada opted for the sci-fi gear as opposed to the normal buckethead.

Hope that helps!