Monday, April 5, 2010

Lines and colors!

I almost forgot! The nice folks over at were kind enough to feature my work! It was an unexpected and awesome surprise to know some folks were paying attention to my work, my rollovers in particular. My article is here but make sure you explore the blog.

Thanks again to Charley Parker at Lines and Colors for the generosity.


Gainor said...

I read Lines and Colors everyday and as a result I find great blogs and websites that are really interesting. I've subscribed to your blog and I wanted to thank you for your posts that I find really wonderful and your work which is both sophisticated and zany. Great! Thanks for showing us the process behind your creative works.

Scott Brundage said...

Thanks for subscribing!

"sophisticated and zany" ...I think I like that description.

Tony Hollowell said...

I love your work! I connected to you through Mark Pfizenmeyer. Your work is fresh, and I love the way you draw faces. It's beautiful art.