Monday, September 28, 2009


Lately, I've been devoting a lot of my time to some simple animations. Initially, I used them as a frontispiece for my website (idea completely stolen from my buddy R. Kikuo Johnson. He made something beautiful, I figured I could make it cheap and crude in my own way.)

The first one I did was relatively simple. A quick unexpected outcome to the first image.
Then I realized that there was a bigger possibility for using that relatively (like geologically relative) "new" format of HTML code to do things that one image couldn't. Typically, a pretty normal image followed by a more outlandish one acheives the desired effect.I started playing with making the change more of a transformation than an animation. The key was keeping the shapes and gestures very similar.
More recently I've been attempting more ambitious compositions, and leaning toward more scifi and fantasy themes.Check back for more soon.


Doug said...

Where's the 'Santa Claus' one? Look, let's get it together here man.

Doug said...
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Scott Brundage said...

(Its gonna be published in November, so I can't have it online till then.)

(PS. I hate you.)

(PPS. I don't really hate you)

Tim said...

Hey! I found my way here from Scott Altman, a good friend of mine. I love these double takes man, they are excellent!

Cheers from Sweden TIm