Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reverie kickoff

I've only recently acquainted myself with and really didn't know what I was getting into by attending Reverie. My buddy, Greg Manchess, made it sound like some sort of art orgy. Which makes me wonder how many orgies he's been to.
Irene Gallo, Manchess, Bryan Beus
(not pictured: orgy)
My travelmate, Bryan, and I met up with Irene and Greg before heading to the Reverie venue. Irene informed me about how Kindle and Kindle-like products will eventually be your ipod and book library. We had an earlier discussion about the possibility of reading children's books to kids off a Kindle, which I thought was preposterous. Irene told me it was very posterous. To the point that your child's book will record you reading it to him or her, so he or she can look at its digital pages and hear you narrating. Holy year 2000!

Then we hit the kick off party. Wowo. 7 open bars, 12 screens projecting digital paintings in progress, 3 djs, Android Jones projecting artwork onto a dancer, and models coming up to pose left and right.
No biggie.
Behind this group of artists was a dancefloor. And more nude models. Not sure if Bryan approved. Should be an interesting couple days.

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