Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Overdue update: New work, new sketches

While finishing up some long term work with a private client, I've been neglecting this here blog. I apologize to my 3 or 4 loyal readers. It won't happen again.

Some images from one of the aforementioned projects that just wrapped up. A couple were sketches I posted previously, now painted.
And here are a couple ditties done for a very snarky running news website, Former D1 athletes are apparently overweight, bitter, and very funny. Lastly, here are some new and revisited sketchbook images...
I like fish and apes. What of it?

This weekend I'll be headed to Dallas for's Reverie workshop. Expect sketches and pics in the near future.


mclean said...

As Loyal Reader #3 I am flattered that you mention me. I wish I could make it down to the workshop, hope you have a good time!

gumkid said...

scott , Your Wonderful illustrations should be able to illuminate the children's book into golden illumination. sick pages from the sketchbook