Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To the moons, NASA

Fun assignment from Michael Mrak at Scientific American to illustrate the funding cuts in NASA's planetary exploration programs.

I was initially worried that the probe wouldn't read clearly, so i sent a couple other options. These two other sketches were well received but Mrak really dug the original idea.


Bruce Jensen said...


even the alternates are a good solution, but lots of character in the chosen one!

Steven Belledin said...

Dig it. You nailed the lighting, and I buy the various materials. Great character, as always.

Out of curiosity, did you determine the outline of the vignette? Just curious as it's pretty similar in all three versions.

Scott Brundage said...

Thanks Bruce! I like the character too. but probes are so weird looking, I was worried I'd lose the read somewhere. Better to have backups should I fall on my face in the sketch phase

Steve, I was just told it would be a quarter page spot, so I got to make the shape myself. I asked about it after I sent the sketches, in case it didn't work, but he like how it fit on the page. I can't say why that shape in particular, other than it felt nice to me. Maybe a different one could have pushed the idea further. I'll keep it in mind next time.