Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Corporate Dealmakers

Without fail, if I leave my studio for any extended period of time, I will get a commission that I can't turn down.

On this occasion, I went to Altoona, PA with some artist buddies to check out Illuxcon. I have a not-so-secret interest in fantasy art and this convention is the premiere showcase for original genre paintings.  While drooling over idealized yet heavily armored women and every variety of slimey monster, I received a call to do a cover for Larry Gendron at The Deal.  I went from the dude staring at paintings to the dude sitting in the corner sketching. So it goes.

Lacking a scanner I was forced to take pictures of my thumbnails my ipad, send them to my laptop and work them up in photoshop. Not exactly my ideal creative situation, but it worked.

The topic was the top 100 corporate dealmakers. When I first talked to Larry, he was trying to find reference for the top ten, so I could put them on the cover. Considering the idea of doing ten likenesses while basically scrawling on napkins left me very scared. Lucky me, editors couldn't nail down the names and faces, so instead I got to go a bit more abstract (thank Jebus).

The idea was to show these imposing corporate character as getting ready for, or running into, battle. We agreed that a color scheme based off "300" could be a nice touch. My apologies to loincloth enthusiasts for keeping the characters in suits.
running, standing tough, walking
 We settled on the standing and looking threatening option.
Pretty fun going really atmospheric, pulling out white suit highlights and really saturating the reds.
In other news, my long time ebook project wrapped up recently, so I should posting a lot more regularly. Thanks for reading!


Steven Bachan said...

Way to go Scott!
Only a suave one like yourself can juggle ILLUXCON, great last minute commissions, and john black with ginger.
Your my hero

Randy Gallegos said...

Still wish the "This is Sparta!" idea could've flown.

Can't wait to see the ebook!

Scott Brundage said...

Steve- The Walker Black keeps me from panicking long enough to sit down and focus. Illuxcon just lets me know that I need to work harder. Great seeing you there, though! Thanks again for indulging my drinking habit.

Randy- If only there were more bottomless well analogies to work with. Perhaps there are and I'm just the weak link. :(