Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Qaddafi Duck

The American Interest requested the following...

Who wouldn't jump at this opportunity?

They requested a mix of very goofy with menacing danger. A nice challenge to keep both Daffy and Qaddafi's likenesses intact while bending and stretching the face. I'll let everyone else decide if I was successful. 

The approved sketch. 
And the final art.
Lots of interesting challenges in this one. Mimicking the lettering probably took longer than any other part of the image but putting everything together was a blast. Big thanks to the kind folks at The American Interest for coming up with a ridiculous image and thinking of me to help bring it to light.



Kyle T. Webster said...

This is excellent - EXCELLENT!

Johan Derycke said...

LMAO truly amazing!
I would say you succeeded in solving that challenge :D