Monday, March 14, 2011

Spectrum Silver Medal

In a feat of high improbability, luck, astrological alignment, wishes on a monkey's paw, and, I think, a possible gas leak at the judging....  I won a silver medal in the Unpublished category for this year's Spectrum Fantastic Art annual competition.
This happened.
I am beyond shocked and deeply honored.

The piece in question is this one here.

And the full video announcing the award winners can be seen here.


Chris Whetzel said...

Oh stop it; its a good piece!

Steven Bachan said...

Congrats Scott!
Very Happy for you, and I'm sure there's more accolades to come

Scott Brundage said...

Thanks guys. I've vowed, starting now, that whenever someone congratulates me, I'll just say "Damn right." The humble thing seems to aggrivate people.

Paolo Rivera said...

Damn right!


bill said...

Damn, damn right. Great piece!