Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ol' women be quiltin color!

I've been busier than my blog would suggest. Stupid, lying blog.

These are some recently finished paintings for a children's story pitch I've been working on. The first two I showed the finished drawings for a while back and forgot to post the finishes. Well, now I'm fixing that problem:

And here are some even more recent images from the same series.

She likes quiltin.

And there is a quickie I did last week for Derick Gonzalez at The Wall Street Journal on blacklisting job applicants.
Because of a busy month of running around for funerals and social events (even a trip to Montreal that I really should write about, but haven't) I'm a little behind on a couple projects. But stay tuned for more nonsense soon.


Chris Whetzel said... sleepy...need a quilt...

McLean Kendree said...

You are just killin' it with these! I love the texture of the watercolor combined with the lush values and saturation of the digital touch-ups!