Thursday, December 3, 2009 1- Cthulhu Month

Another fun gig from Irene Gallo at Seems like I'm the go-to guy for messing around with their logo (at least for now, knock wood). Or, as she put it, I'm "the sucker guy." High compliments, people.

December is Cthulhu Month at Tor. So I was asked to have tentacles in the logo interacting with Stubby the rocket.

I probably had a lil too much fun getting nutty with the tentacles slopping all over the letters. They were obscuring the logo, so Irene suggested two tentacles. Still a bit too much, try one tentacle.
The one tentacle worked but we needed some grace to it. I worked up some quick gestural sketches and she picked her fave.
And now we have the gooey joy of a otherworldly horror reaching out to steal your sanity... in a website's masthead.


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Brian Elig said...

Small world. Trying to join Figure Drawing for Illustrators on meetup and I saw that you were on the roster. (I'm illustrating Jason Henninger's writings for Irene.) Love the Tor logo!