Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Humble Beginnings

Welcome to Ole Scotty's blog, the official blog of Scott Brundage's illustration. I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon a tad late, but I couldn't sit idly by while everyone misses out on my witty commentary regarding my doodles and paintings any longer.

I thought it would be appropriate to start with my humble beginnings at art school. As you can see, I've taken the liberty to scan some pages from my college notebook. Around September I'd be the studious good boy, fresh from the summer with a real interest in taking pretty notes. This first page is mainly information with some drawing actually worked into the design.Actually looks kinda pretty. The semester would progress and I'd get a bit more comfortable (read:lazy) in non-studio courses and the doodles would start taking more liberty on the page. But I was still invested in recording information that my teachers were spouting at me.
... Then, mid semester comes along and the note-taking begins to take a backseat to my very important doodles.

Even occasionally throwing in a flamingo next to a guy reading the newspaper while suckling on an elderly woman's breast. I actually did pretty well in class. Something about paying attention while my hand did something else. Someone once told me that whatever I drew was my subconscious. This kinda scares me.Eventually it got to the point that there were barely notes. If you look closely, I actually wrote "read up to.." with no page number. Thats some focus.
Thanks for reading. Check back soon for much less important and current work.


Daniel said...


Anonymous said...

Your fart smells like poop. Stick to t-shirts.

Dave said...

this could be terrible and still be better than chuck blog. if you do a save by the bell character analysis ill kill you.
step 1. find random female subscriber that evan can have an online relationship with.

Scott Brundage said...

Girls don't like me, Dave. Don't be silly.

Ole said...

you really do a great job. your fingers must have amazing dexterity and your knuckles oh the knuckles absolutely fantastic.

RZ said...

welcome to blog-town, skinny-pants.

Evan said...

"step 1. find random female subscriber that evan can have an online relationship with."


tng said...

hi there evan ;)

catie beth said...

If whatever I drew was my subconscious, than my subconscious is shit ridden, full of spew, and most importantly not worth exploring on a deeper level.

Scott this is very exciting, I look forward to continuing to view your amazing artwork; it holds a special place in my fart.